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21 May 2024 - 23 May 2024
Lagos, Nigeria
GET.invest Matchmaking Platform for EAIF on-site participants

GET.invest Matchmaking 

The ARE Energy Access Investment Forum will feature several GET.invest Matchmaking Sessions. The sessions will provide participants with the opportunity to connect with potential business partners, public and private investors and policymakers in a series of selected personal meetings.

The proven GET.invest Matchmaking format offers:   

  • An online platform, where participants can present themselves and their business, browse the profiles of other attendees, and request meetings with a single click
  • A free mobile app (available on the App Store and Google Play) where participants can manage their meetings when- and wherever they want
  • A series of personal meetings with conversation partners of choice
  • On-site personal assistance from the GET.invest Matchmaking team during the event

How the GET.invest Matchmaking works

Once you have published your business profile online, it will be visible to all participants registered on the matchmaking platform. You can change your profile at any time. The better the quality of your profile, the more requests you will receive.

Please install the b2match mobile app (available on the App Store and Google Play). In the mobile app you can manage your meetings, exchange messages with other participants, access the agenda and receive all communications from the event organiser during the Forum.

    The GET.invest Matchmaking sessions with bilateral meetings will be held from Tuesday 21 May until Thursday 23 May at the detailed slots (please see the Agenda). During this time, each participant will be able to request meetings with potential business partners with a duration of 20 minutes. 

    Where will my meetings take place?   

    Your meetings will take place at the Iris Hall, located on the left wing of the event venue.

    Anything else I need to note?   

    Please be punctual for your meetings and respect the time of other Matchmaking participants.

    What shall I do if my meeting partner does not show up for the meeting?

    Please contact your meeting partner directly using the message function of the mobile app and ask them to join the meeting or re-schedule the meeting for another date/time. If you need any further assistance, please contact the Matchmaking organisation team on site.

    The GET.invest Matchmaking organisation team will be at your disposal at the Energy Access Invest Forum to solve any doubts you may have.

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